Well...it has been a fun time here with Pitas, but since I now have my own (shared) site, I'm moving it over. The new URL for Spent Casings is http://spentcasings.shutuphippie.net, so do please go ahead and update your links there. Thank you!

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Ragabash, got it. ^_^ Thank you.

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Events in Afghanistan are not as bad as first reporting said - apparently an airstrike from the Northern Alliance of the Afghani civil war did a number on an ammo dump in the city. Just a minor raid, though the timing on it was quite interesting.

As for Bin Laden, the Taliban says he wasn't responsible, however there were the warnings a month ago of something large and unprecedented being planned for the US. Also, a communication was monitored going back to Bin Laden that "two targets were hit". Vague, but very implicative.

Not much else so far...

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Ariel Sharon calls for day of mourning in sympathy for the victims attack on the US, and also calls for a war against terrorists.

Which may have just started, there's breaking news of fighting in Kabul, missiles, cannon fire, it's total chaos over there right now. There were reports this morning that Afghanistan was making a military push against its neighbors, that's not known. The Taliban has apparently little antiaircraft defenses in the area, and there's explosions coming from the Kabul airport area. It's not known what AT ALL is going on over there right now - but it's getting nasty, folks.

September 11, 2001 - the day the world caught fire...

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Yahoo News coverage on the WTC and Pentagon attacks is now availible and responding, with a falloff in internet traffic and expansion of capabilities within the site itself. World reaction, latest data on the event, other related stories going on.

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Ragabash, no strip closures - the Stratosphere tower IS closed, but last local word on the news was that the casinos and hotels were still open. And about the airline thing, LAX and SF were closed and evaced first, while FAA was still issuing the groundstop. Since then they've cleared all airports.

And as an aside, PLEASE send me the new password for the new site, I still didn't get it yet.

More bloggers are reporting in from New York - thank God all of you are okay. Aya has reports from a little bit south of NYC, and Technomancy has some members in the city, reporting as they can.

Today...America has changed.

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In the meantime...donate blood, and pray.

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More information from CNN feeds...

The Taliban is denying firmly that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with the bombing, and that they've kept him from communicating with his terrorist network. Even when he organized the bombings in Africa and Yemen, against the USS Cole. And, three weeks ago, there was an announcement by Bin Laden followers of a "huge, unprecedented" attack against the US in London. There may be a story about the Afghani government referencing this in the New York Times, this needs to be verified. Government officials are saying this has the earmarks of a Bin Laden terrorist attack, and he is known to have airline pilots availible.

Both the United States and the European Union have labeled this an act of war and say that any nation sheltering or supporting the terrorists that did this attack will be held equally responsible and dealt with as such. Bush: "The US will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly attacks."

At this time, US Navy ships are sailing from Norfolk - 5 surface ships (reportedly including battleships) are to take up positions off the East Coast, while two aircraft carriers (USS Kennedy and another) are headed to New York. Fighters are currently swarming over the city. NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium are also being evacuated of all nonessential personnel. What else could be picked up on?

All flights within the United States are canceled until 6am tomorrow morning at this time.

At this time, the Congress is extremely pissed - John McCain was the first to call this an act of war, while Senator Hatch is on records as saying "kill the bastards". Congressman Weldon (PA) is extremely mad, and blames the success of the attack on complacency in the intel branches along with a lack of capability in human intelligence, and blames this on a failure of the government intelligence services. He went on to say that America does not back down and that we are at war.

There is now a report of a person on a cellphone in one of the airliners that was hijacked and rammed into the WTC, and that they were in the restroom contacting emergency services and crying for help for 20 minutes, and then a loud noise and a loss of signal.

They are begging for blood in the area - if you have any desire to help, DONATE BLOOD - the casualty figures will be astronomical, and the blood supply in the NY area has no chance of supporting everything there. They will need to be pulling blood from the national stocks, which will need to be augmented with local supply. I've just been e-mailed by D over at Technomancy, and she sends the following:

    --speaking from 30 miles outside of NYC, we're fine. They're putting out the call for blood donations, evacuating people from south of Canal St. in NYC, setting up Red Cross stations on the other side of the river in NJ and Staten Island, and bringing in emergency generators to keep hospitals and medical centers up and running. Phones are down in NYC, but in upstate NJ, they're working mostly for local and sporadically for long distance.

    Please encourage *everyone* to donate blood as soon as possible.

    --D (Technomancy)

Please, if you have any chance, donate. it's urgently required. To anyone in NY, there's the locations of Red Cross sites. And, D, glad to know you're alright out there, hopefully the other New York bloggers will be fine.

All flights have been accounted for across the United States, and any that were in the air at the time are no longer so, all have landed. Right now the only aircraft in the skies are military transports and fighters. Both borders are sealed, and no traffic is leaving the country at this time. Baseball games nationwide are canceled, and many TV networks are canceling programming to bring news or else just canceling programming with cards to change the channel.

Reports from within the towers are frightening, and many police and fire crews that went into them to get people out, and stayed behind while survivors evacuated, died when both of them came down. Their heroic sacrifice, trying to find more people knowing the building was severely damaged, will be remembered in New York forever.

PLEASE. Stay calm, don't do anything foolish, and do NOT try to take any vengeance upon anyone. This is a matter for the government to deal with, not a posse. Word on your loved ones WILL COME - just give it time, and be patient. It's hard, not knowing, but you will find out. This is a terrible tragedy, and right now we need calm and not random unguided retaliation against innocent people. Don't sink to the level of the coward terrorists and do what they want. They will be exterminated in their own time, like the bloody-minded vermin they are.

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Alright, here's more data from CNN, culled from the last hour or so: (Eastern Time)

8:45 - first airliner strikes North Tower of World Trade Center
9:00 - second airliner strikes South Tower of World Trade Center
9:20 - third airliner strikes Pentagon tower, Army section*
9:45 - car bomb explodes outside State Department building
10:15 - South Tower of World Trade Center collapses
10:30 - North Tower of World Trade Center collapses

This contradicts the earlier CNN story below, but has been verified repeatedly. Google has a cached page from CNN here. Who did it - it is NOT YET KNOWN AT THIS TIME. Islamic Jihad is proclaiming loudly that "these attacks are a consequence of United States policy in the Middle East", while Arafat and Osama Bin Laden are both denying responsibility. Consider today's date - September 11th. Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Principles, which outlined the separate Palestinian state to be created, and set the timeline for the process. Middle-East influence appears to be fairly definite.

There ARE survivors from the World Trade Center - many of them got out after the first strike. No data on survivors or lists at this time, right now the only thing planned is to get everyone south of Canal street out of the area. Outside of Manhattan, subways ARE operating. Within Manhattan, there are significant delays. The A train is working at this time, but the safest and best thing to do right now is walk out of the area.

Current events: Both World Trade Center towers are collapsed, completely gone. Nothing remains standing from both towers. A portion of the Pentagon building has also collapsed, and a fourth airliner has crashed in Pennsylvania. Known data on the flights, a mix of Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft:

American Airlines Flight 11, Boston-Lso Angeles
American Airlines Flight 77, Dulles-Los Angeles
United Airlines Flight 93, Newark-San Francisco
United Airlines Flight 175, Boston-Los Angeles

American Airlines has posted a telephone number for families to call, 1-800-245-0999.

There may or may not be another airliner missing, there is still some confusion over flights missing. A second airliner was reported inbound to Washington DC and F-16s were scrambled to intercept, however there is no word on whether or not anything was found. Fighters still cover the sky over both New York and Washington DC.

LAX has been evacuated, as well as Disney World in Orlando. No word if this was for any specific threat or as general emergency response.

A GroundStop has been issued and all flights nationwide are suspended at this time. US-Mexico border has been sealed at the checkpoints, the US-Canada border is currently on high alert and will be sealed shortly.

From CNN:

    The FAA shut down all airports in the country, and all international flights heading into D.C. and New York airports were diverted to Canada.

    Israel has evacuated all its missions around the world.

    President Bush cancelled an appearance in Florida to return to Washington, calling the crashes "apparent terrorist attacks" and "a national tragedy."

    In Chicago, the Sears Tower was evacuated; United Nations in New York evacuated.

    The New York Port Authority said it had closed all bridges and tunnels into the city.

    New York's Bellevue Hospital was designated command central for handling the catastrophe. Several hospitals have already reported receiving victims with burns and head injuries.

    Large plane crashed 80 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but it was unknown if this crash was connected to terrorist attacks.

I saw video of the second airliner strike the South Tower of the World Trade Center, and video of both collapses as they happened. It's surreal, you want to call it a movie, or something that just can't happen. We've been damn good at spotting these attacks and cutting them off before...but today our luck has run out. PLEASE - whoever reads this, DO NOT randomly attack "all the muslims" or whatever. Just because they read the Koran and belive in Allah does not make them terrorist vermin worthy only of extermination. This is not an act of humans. This is an act of a rabid animal. You shoot an animal when it becomes rabid, and the United States Armed Forces will be dispatching this one when we find it.

Taliban ambassador tells the children of America that they feel our pain and that they hope the parties responsible are brought to justice. More from Afghanistan later.

Back to the TV news... *update* National Guard units have been mobilized in the area. President Bush will not be returning to Washington at this time, and is remaining aboard Air Force One at this time. There is also possible threat of other attempts and further attacks at this time.

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Ladies and gentlemen, an hour and a half ago we have just been the victims of a horrible terrorist attack - at least two airliners, AA flight 77 and flight 11, has been hijacked and rammed into the south tower of hte World Trade Centers, which has since collapsed. At the same time, at least one other aircraft has rammed the pentagon as well.

No attempts to contact anyone in NY or NJ is possible. All airports, tunnels, harbors, are all closed at this time.

The south tower of the World Trade Center has collapsed in New York - the death toll is not yet known but it is talking about in the thousands. The North Tower, at the moment, is still standing.

A car bomb has just (within the last few minutes) been detonated at the State Department building, probably in an attempt to take out any returning bureaucrats.

And, there are reports that the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was claiming responsibility for the attack, they have since denied. However, there are reports that Lebanese citizens have been celebrating in the streets since the start of the incident.

The second tower has just collapsed, there is no word of any casualties among survivors and rescue personnel. Estimates are across the map, but at least 5 thousand is my minimum guess.

Whoever did this, is going to burn in hell and will be delivered there personally by the United States Armed Forces. We will probably be at war within 24-48 hours. You, dear cocksucking terrorist fatherless bastards, will face the wrath of the world's most powerful nation. Die slowly, fucks.

*update* a fourth airliner, not known if coordinated or coincedence, has crashed in Pennsylvania and partof the Pentagon building has collapsed as well.

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Ragabash, no password as of yet. Which account did you set it to? And I'm already setting up some of the subdomains, it's really quite easy. All we need to do is point shutuphippie at the DNS entry I sent you, and it's good to go. Catsy helped config a lot of that already. And, I like muchly the pic for it. XD

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Actually, Ragabash, Catsy's getting the account set up this moment. I'm downloading FTP software and all of SC's archives, and reformatting so everything has *gasp* layouts. Which is why SC is closed, because of all the stuff I gotta do to move it over. And yes, the DNS may take time to replicate, but the site will be availible in a couple hours or so. Since I'm on dialup, better take Napoleon's advice and get started now. ^_^

And, remember the poor shoeless Japanese girl who ended up handcuffed and dead on the side of a Kobe freeway? The sick filth who did it was a TEACHER. Who met the 12 year old girl through a telephone dating club. And this wasn't the first time. Rot in prison, pal. Rot till Judgement.

*notes the posted time and twitches* Apollo 13, on the way...

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Quick alert: this pitas site will be closing, probably tomorrow. Moving the whole ting to a new location TBA. Keep posted here.

Yay, another evening with friends watching anime. Much cool fun.

Sakki, ordered a set of the Vaelber Saga original Nob Yuuki manga for you since it's going out of print (for good?) within a couple weeks and you won't be able to get it later. It's about 20 bucks for them, so pay me when you get the chance and I'll send them off.

Now, ya'll tell me - would you trust a place using refurbished and gussied-up BTR-80s and calling itself Honest Abdul's Armored Limosuine Service? Bird, think we could work that into the Bar tales?

Fae-oneesan, Saturday I'm off at 7pm, Sunday at 3:30 but then church meeting till 7:45-8:00. I thought you said you had to take just one class at SC anyways, to go for your Masters or something like that. It's 2 AM, I'm probably brain fried anyway. I'll call some hotels tomorrow and see what I can get you, and post contact #s. Come find me tomorrow evening when you're off work (I'm guessing around 7-8 your time, so early eve here) and I'll have some info for you (and my phone # too in case you want to get together). Not really any new sketches for now. And yes, we are spoiled - look at the prosperity we take for granted here in the US, and treat it like dirt. God gave us what we have, we should treat it with respect.


Oh well, he killed himself. Thanks dude, saves us the legal bull of a trial on this one. I'm sorry he's dead, and that the other 4 are as well, yes, and now we never will know just why. Then again, does it matter? Not ours to judge, in the final summary.

Still...the madness is growing.

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